Hi, I’m Donny Spears, owner and operator of LED 4 Life. In 2000, I started working in the oil industry. My main hobby was building lighting systems on ATV’s. Many people who have tried to tackle this process before, know the value of being able to examine a lighting product before you buy it. As a consumer, I experienced great frustration when trying to order things online. If you have ever ordered lighting products online you know that there is a lot of misrepresentation. Also, without advanced knowledge of the language used to describe the technical specifications of a product, problems can arise. Many people don’t know that LEDs come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and with different bases for different applications. This causes people to accumulate lighting products that are useless for their application. Then came the idea to help others avoid this situation. When I left the oil industry in 2016, I decided to open up my own LED lighting retail store. That way locals, who were interested in the same type of work, could come into the store and find exactly what they needed for their project. Being able to see and touch a light before buying it saves money and time for the customer. Over time, my business grew to provide a wide variety of residential, commercial, and automotive LED products. Now Led 4 Life is one of the few top rated lighting retailers in the area. I pride myself on great customer service, and in-house support for people who need help trouble-shooting a project. We would love for you to come by the shop today, to find what you need for your lighting project!