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Hazard Lights

Hazard Lights

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  • 19 flashing patterns
  • Voltage 12-24 volt DC
  • Dimensions 5 ⅛ in length 130 mm height: 1 3/16 in 30 mm depth 10 mm 7/16 in
  • Bolt hole center 118 mm 4 ⅝ in
  • Synced together
  • Aluminum heat sink


  • Red wire to VDC
  • Black wire to Chassis ground
  • Yellow is the pattern selector
  • White and gray are for the synchronization


Our hazard lights are bright, useful, and of great quality. These lights have 19 flashing patterns and have the ability to sync together. They are waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. They are a simple install and universal so it can fit any type of motor vehicle.


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