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RGBW LED Rock Light Single Pod

RGBW LED Rock Light Single Pod

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 (15ft cord)

These individual RGBW rock light pods are great for custom projects because unlike many rock lights on the market, they WILL accept a 12V input. This means they can integrate into almost any other RGB or RGBW (common anode) project you are wiring up! LED Rock lights are one of the top sellers at LED4Life. These universal lights can be used for just about any lighting project on your vehicle. Rock lights are durable, waterproof, and reliable, they are perfect to fit anywhere you desire on your vehicle. They are commonly mounted in fender wells, under the frame, under the hood, in the grills, and in the interior of your vehicle, such as under the dash and under the seats. Rock lights can also be put on other vehicles like side by sides, 18-wheeler trucks, boats, and more!

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